The Paper Machete’s “Big Idea Man.”



Terrence McCarthy a medium 640

Matt appeared in the Paper Machete as Terrence McCarthy again on Saturday, November 9th.  The topic he covered was the catastrophe known as the Ventra implementation, which is the new way to pay for public transportation in Chicago.

Terrence McCarthy has been dubbed The Paper Machete’s “Big Idea Man” because of his large and often unconventional approach to fixing what might or might not be broken.  Matt has become a staff writer of the Paper Machete from performing as the character.

The Paper Machete is a live news magazine created by Christopher Piatt, the former editor of Theatre for Time Out Chicago.  The show’s style has evolved over the years with production insight by Alison Klingler, who is now a staff writer.  The show features actors, journalists, poets, comedians, public figures, and celebrities taking on current and socially relevant topics.  The show also features live performances by weekly featured bands.

Shows are every Saturday at The Green Mill in Uptown.  The show starts at 3.  Admission is free.

Audio from the performance will be available at a later date.  To hear Terrence McCarthy’s previous pieces, check this link out.