Chicago Justice Gets Picked Up

On May 11th, 2016, Chicago PD got the book thrown at it…and that book was a book of law.

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Using incredibly relevant and literal close-to-home subject matter, Chicago PD gave viewers a glimpse into another Chicago-verse show that is on the horizon: Chicago Justice.  TV franchise mastermind Dick Wolf has indeed set his sights on another series in Chicago.

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I am lucky enough to be a (small) part of it!  I played the co-star role of Cade, a hipster graphic designer that finds himself aiding the case against Micheal Ellis, an African American teen accused of shooting into the parked police car of officers Burgess and Halstead.  After being fired upon and seeing that Halstead was injured, Officer Burgess pursues the assailant on foot.  After losing sight of him for a short period, she sees Ellis, who runs after being shouted at by her.  Burgess shoots Ellis and arrests him, believing him to be the hooded shooter.  My character, Cade, inadvertently catches the shooting of Ellis on his security camera from his apartment, which he had placed in hopes of catching the perpetrators that had broken into his car the night before.

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Chicago Justice will be the 4th “Chicago” show from Dick Wolf.  Clearly, he’s onto something (again).