Super Bowl XLIX McDonald’s Commercials

Well, 2015 started off with a bang!  On top of some other great news (to be talked about in another post), I found out just the Thursday before Super Bowl Sunday that the McDonald’s commercial that I had shot back in December was going to be aired during the second quarter of the big game.  This confirmation came after some speculation on my part after a teaser commercial aired as the first spot during the Pro Bowl the previous week.  The promotion, I may add, was that McDonald’s was going to be randomly accepting “Lovin'” as payment.  I got people to dance, hug strangers, fist bump, and even call their mothers to tell them that they love them in exchange for their food.

Offering a bonus to an already exciting evening, the teaser commercial aired again just before kick-off.  So, that’s two Super Bowl commercials as a principle actor in the same game!

Unfortunately, since the promotion is no longer active, the spots have been taken down.  However, they were two very well-made spots, put together by Leo Burnett (Ad), Havoc (Production), and Radar (Editorial) with direction from Sam Macon.